Hi! I'm Sideara St. Claire, a multidisciplinary artist in New York. I'm currently working as an actress and studying at Parsons while working on this store. This brand has been a project of mine since I was 17, formerly under the name NIN3. I run every aspect of the brand, from product and web design, to laser cutting and assembling each piece, packaging and shipping, as well as taking most of the photos. I like to think of myself as a lil octopus of sorts, floating through the ocean of art and design and glomming onto different things, learning and experimenting with new forms of making like an octopus shape shifts in sync with its environment. 

Learning and adapting to the world is important to me, and sustainability goes hand in hand with that. We cannot afford to continue generating so much waste, and as an artist who likes to create new things, I experience a lot of guilt related to this. I am constantly trying to come up with new ways that I can reduce my carbon footprint as an individual and as a brand. I feel that all of us have a growing responsibility to pay attention to where our things come from, and where they go. I hope that you to appreciate the care and thought that has been put into my packaging, and do your part to reuse and recycle it when it gets to you. Who doesn't want to grow a flower from the packaging their earrings came in, anyways? (YES - YOU CAN PLANT MY PACKAGING! & if you're like me and kill everything, don't worry, it comes with directions.)

I hope we can become actual friends and that I can form relationships with all of my customers, I appreciate the support to no end and I hope to be able to inspire and help you in any way that I can. If you want to learn more about my design process, values, and the things that inspire me, please click the menu tab for the Design Laboratory! If you want to learn more about my other endeavors, visit sideara.com or follow me on instagram

Thanks for reading, angel!! 

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