We took the day off to absorb some much needed RELAXATION and POOL TIME! We decided not to sweat the small stuff & jump in the pool even though we didn't have our bathing suits with us. It was hot, we cant be blamed! We're ready to deem this summer the summer of 9, cause thats all thats on our minds! We want to launch, launch, launch, out to the moon and Saturn then back to Earth right into your hands. HAVE NO FEAR, 9 WILL SOON BE HERE!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    We hope you enjoy our pool time video :) (We cant wait to hear this song LIVE on Tuesday!!)
    Sideara's got on the 9 FRINGE CROP TRI TOP, Allie's all over the 9 SMILE 9 TUBE, and Devon's wearing our $$$$ shirt. 

    This coming week, try controlling every thought in your head and allowing yourself to only be positive. Create your own fantasy inside your head, imagine yourself doing what you dream to do constantly, and dont doubt it for a second. Just this week, try to do constantly control your thoughts! This will leave you an open receptacle to opportunities. Pave your way to freedom, see where it takes you!! <3

    IX 9 IX

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