• ✼✽ NIN3 + Palma W. PT. 1 ⍝⍟ ✪❁✿

    ✪✪✪ Palma Wright in Hucci Gucci ✪✪✪
    This is Palma W
    She is the president of Mamadoux - She invests in the business, runs it by managing  day to day operations like PR, does all the art for the screen prints, marketing, she scouts all of their models, & is their in house photographer, stylist, and MUA. ☆☆
    Running a company isn't easy (trust me, we know!), and Palma takes that shit by the reigns. We love how hard Palma works and her tough attitude - she accepts whatever is given to her and deals with the situation. Plus her photography work is definitely something we need a coffee table book of.
    Wait for PT.2 and 3 for more photos & our video interview with her! 
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